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  • Do you offer child care?
    Yes! Check the button below for all of the information regarding that service.
  • Can I bring a friend with me?
    Of course! If they come in with you (and you are a paid member with a contract), they will be asked to sign a quick waiver and pay $5.00.
  • Im under 18 but I still want to workout. Can I?
    Heck yeah, as long as you're 13 years old or older! Since you are a minor, we will need a parent or guardian to come in with you to sign your initial waiver and/or contract. Once we have your waiver on file, you are free to workout on your own. Your waiver is good for you to return on other days so your signer doesn't need to be with you everytime.
  • Do you offer personal training?
    We do. We have several really amazing trainers at our gym. Click the button below to meet our team and find the trainer that fits you best. **pricing and availability vary by trainer.
  • Do you have locker rooms or a sauna?
    We do not have a designated locker room, but we do have lockers in the back of the gym. They are accessible to everyone, so if you would like to bring your own lock, feel free! Please do not leave the locker locked while you are not on property. We do not have a sauna or showers. We have decided to use the space for more equipment to really give everyone everything they may need to workout. Thank you for understanding!
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    Knew it ;)
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